AI Trends Presentation


Featuring a variety of infographics, data and topics, this presentation on AI technology and business trends in financial services provides in depth information about the current state of AI in the financial world.

Take a look below at the table of contents, or request a copy at the bottom of the page.

Key areas covered include:

  1. Top 20 companies investing in AI talent
  2. Venture funding into US AI, ML and related start ups
  3. AI in fintech market map
  4. Top banks by assets, ranked by fintech portfolio companies
  5. Allocation of AI investment
  6. Business areas of usage
  7. Security – where is AI being used in defence
  8. AI in defence tools
  9. Cyber start ups in AI top 100
  10. Cybersecurity’s next step market map
  11. Dangers of using AI in defence
  12. AI in attack
  13. Asset Management
  14. Robo Advisors
  15. Intelligent client analysis
  16. Trade matching
  17. AI only trading
  1. Insurance
  2. Banks investing in AI
  3. Where are banking organizations most likely to introduce AI/ML technology
  4. Trends in retail banking industry
  5. Maturity of uses of AI in banking and payments
  6. Digital dialogue
  7. Fraud detection
  8. Anti money laundering
  9. Online credit approval and credit scoring
  10. Corporate and wholesale banking
  11. Algorithmic trading
  12. Market marking
  13. Predictive analytics
  14. Risk analysis
  15. Model validation
  16. Robo underwriting
  17. Predicted job losses/gains due to AI