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December 11, 2023 / Cybersecurity

BBC: Russia hacking: ‘FSB in years-long cyber attacks on UK’, says government

The state actors are the ones you have to worry about!
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December 6, 2023 / Cybersecurity, Data

The Hill: Worried about the privacy of your personal information? You should be. 

This is very prevalent in the States and I suspect it will happen more in the UK if it is not happening already.
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November 24, 2023 / Cybersecurity

9to5Mac: Flipper Zero can still crash iPhones running the latest version of iOS 17

I am very surprised this is still out there and has not been fixed by Apple - have you come across this?
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November 9, 2023 / Crypto, Cybersecurity, Digital

Make Use Of: The 10 Biggest Crypto Hacks and Scams of 2023

The big crypto hacks of 2023 - and this is just the tip of the iceberg!
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November 8, 2023 / Cybersecurity

Phil Venables: Caricatures of Security People

An excellent look at the types of security people there are - which one are you?
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November 8, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity

Tech Xplore: Cyber-defense systems seek to outduel criminals in AI race

Offensive vs. defensive AI - this battle has been going on for quite a while now!
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November 1, 2023 / Cybersecurity

Finextra: Deepfake fraud: the rising threat in financial crime

This is a rising threat and becoming ever more sophisticated.
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