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News: Blockchain

June 3, 2024 / Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Careers, Cybersecurity

CIO: 10 most difficult-to-fill IT roles — and how to address the gap

Not too many surprises here in key roles that are hard to fill.
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May 10, 2024 / Blockchain, Digital

Investment Executive: U.S. banks undertake blockchain experiment

U.S. banks are undertaking a blockchain experiment.
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February 5, 2024 / Blockchain, Crypto, Digital

Finextra: US falling behind peers on CBDC progress, warns think tank

This is not surprising given the current political environment in the US at the moment.
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January 29, 2024 / Blockchain, Crypto

The Hill: Trump vows to block creation of digital dollar

The fact that he does not have a clue what it is probably explains his stance.
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December 29, 2023 / Blockchain, Crypto, Digital

Tekedia: Banks Like JP Morgan And Citibank Are Investing Billions Of Dollars In Blockchain

A lot of investment going into blockchain at the moment.
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December 21, 2023 / Blockchain, Crypto, Digital

Banking Dive: SEC won’t budge on crypto regulation

Part of the ongoing battle between regulators and players in the crypto area which is creating a lot of confusion in the marketplace.
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December 18, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, ESG

Forbes: The Biggest Banking And Financial Services Trends For 2024

Good overview of all the key areas here from Forbes.
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