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News: Data

February 20, 2024 / Artificial Intelligence, Careers, Cybersecurity, Data, Digital

TechRepublic: Top IT Skills Trends in the UK for 2024

AI, Cyber, Cloud and Data people are the most in demand with AI leading the way.
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February 6, 2024 / Data, ESG, Regulation

CIO: CIOs rise to the ESG reporting challenge

Corporate ESG reporting is getting real for companies around the globe.
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January 8, 2024 / Artificial Intelligence, Data

The Verge: AI companies would be required to disclose copyrighted training data under new bill

AI and copyrighted data facing new regulation to try and clarify this area.
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December 31, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence, Data, Innovation

ITPro: A lack of data maturity could hamper enterprise AI ambitions in 2024

As in everything in financial services (and life) it is all about the data and a lot of institutions have still not got it right (or even near).
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December 8, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence, Careers, Data

ITPro: How to become a data scientist: A guide to the profession and securing a job

This (along with Cyber) is one of the hottest areas around with big shortages.
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December 6, 2023 / Cybersecurity, Data

The Hill: Worried about the privacy of your personal information? You should be. 

This is very prevalent in the States and I suspect it will happen more in the UK if it is not happening already.
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November 14, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence, Data

Threws: The Importance Of Data In Machine Learning

It is all about the data with AI and machine learning.
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October 17, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence, Data

ZDNet: DBS Bank uncovers big data challenges with AI use – and solutions, too

A good example of how DBS are using AI and the associated Data challenges.
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September 13, 2023 / Data, ESG

ESG Today: Over 90% of Executives Plan to Increase Spending on ESG Data this Year: Bloomberg

There will continue to be an increasing demand for ESG data.
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