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ESG White Paper

ESG has been a growing area of interest for many years, and since governments across the globe have begun to introduce policies regarding environment and climate it has only continued to grow. Now, clients, customers and investors alike look towards institutions to lead the way with ESG policies and advancements.

Suppliers have been developing ESG solutions rapidly in previous years, and that development is advancing in terms of moving towards cloud and SaaS, as well as continuing within services and software that they offer. We have looked to understand what they offer as a whole, as well as their views on how the area will progress and how they themselves plan to move forward in future.

Take a look at the table of contents, or request a copy at the bottom of the page.

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Key areas covered include:

  1. Approach to ESG
    1. ESG Solution areas covered now
    2. ESG Solution areas in the future
    3. Buy/Build support for ESG requirements
    4. Timeframe for ESG solutions
    5. External reporting capabilities
    6. Use of XBRL technology
  2. ESG data
    1. Which standards are important
    2. ESG data functionality needed
    3. ESG data enhancements needed by customers
    4. Types of ESG data
    5. Improvements expected in ESG data
    6. How ESG data is collected from third parties
  1. Future ESG plans
    1. Customers ESG reporting requirements
    2. ESG impact
    3. Suppliers ESG approach
    4. ESG variations and approaches across different countries
  2. Cloud and SaaS in ESG
    1. Solution shape
    2. SaaS vs Installed
    3. SaaS customer trends
    4. ESG SaaS benefits
    5. Challenges moving to cloud
    6. Software to services ratio