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High Performance Computing White Paper


This survey was conducted to examine the Current usage and Future trends in how HPC is being used within financial services organisations.

Many topics were covered including current state environment; current state usage including usage/ support/cost models; challenges; and future state. Hardware, programming languages and cloud were also looked at.

Take a look below at the table of contents, or request a copy at the bottom of the page.

Sponsored by GFT.

Key areas covered include:

  1. Current state environment
  2. Areas using HPC
  3. Business processes HPC is used for
  4. Monte Carlo Simulation vs Closed Form
  5. Optimise models and reduce calculation time
  6. Full versus selective revaluation
  7. Operating systems grid management
  8. Operating systems being used to run HPC
  9. Languages being used to build grid applications
  10. Big data analytics and Non SQL
  11. Investment in Non SQL technologies
  12. Data lake strategy
  13. Big data visualisation tools
  14. Mixed use of HPC capacity
  15. Tools being used for AI/ML
  16. Current state usage/support/cost model
  17. HPC capacity – shared or ring fenced?
  18. HPC number of cores
  19. Dedicated or shared support for HPC
  20. Number of FTE’s supporting HPC
  21. HPC cost model
  22. Current state challenges
  23. Challenges that banks are experiencing with HPC growth
  24. Increase in HPC capacity
  25. What is causing the increase in HPC capacity
  1. HPC strategy affected by different regulations and approaches in different countries
  2. Regulatory and compliance issues
  3. Other HPC challenges
  4. Future State
  5. HPC road map
  6. Compute grid platforms strategy
  7. Innovation in HPC
  8. Increasing performance whilst reducing footprint
  9. Usage of container technology
  10. Type of hardware used
  11. GPU programming languages
  12. Options being used or considered for HPC and the specific technologies and vendors being used
  13. Cloud agnostic or specific
  14. Cloud vendors
  15. Cloud paradigm
  16. Cloud disconnected layer or connected directly to data centres
  17. Monitoring CI/CD
  18. Readiness of organisation for consuming cloud/hybrid cloud
  19. Organisational challenge of off-premise data
  20. Cyber security and Cloud
  21. External help needed