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HTF Consulting AI Practice

The HTF Consulting AI practice includes the following areas:

AI Strategy

  • Defining an AI strategy to develop new business models and areas, turning data into insights and applying them

Optimal AI Architecture

  • Developing an architectural framework that is optimised for implementing AI based solutions

Data and Analytics

  • Modernise your data and analytics and migrate them to cloud-enabled platforms to give you the insights that you need.
  • Build accurate predictive models and capture patterns and anomalies in data using sophisticated AI tools that would normally take humans years to process.

Intelligent Automation

  • Implementing automated processes to increase efficiency


  • Implementation of NLP in areas such as document digitisation (handling structured and/or unstructured content)

Integration of AI solutions into an existing traditional framework

  • Development of AI solutions that can easily and seamlessly be integrated into your exiting architecture and framework

Digital Transformation

  • Transformation of your existing framework into a state-of-the-art digital solution with AI as a integral part of the architecture

Generative AI

  • Evaluation of where in your business it can help you
  • Development of Generative AI frameworks
  • Development of surrounding business environment