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Hybrid and Multi Cloud White Paper

This research is based on interviewing 21 banks between November 2020 and February 2021.

The focus of this research was to look at what banks were doing in 2 key areas – the use of multicloud and hybrid cloud (using public cloud along with their own internal capability).

Numerous drivers and challenges for adopting cloud were looked at, as well as cyber security and the use of IaaS, PaaS, Serverless and SaaS. The benefits, risks and issues with cloud migration were also covered, as well as budgets and resource availability.

The main drivers for optimising cloud were optimising costs, reducing time to market and improving innovate/scale. The main challenges embarking on a cloud solution were complexity, cybersecurity and data jurisdiction whilst the key challenges during the migration were compliance/regulatory, data security and organisational culture.

Take a look below at the table of contents, or request a copy at the bottom of the page.

Sponsored by GFT.

Key areas covered include:

  1. Percentage production applications
  2. Main drivers for adopting cloud
  3. Main challengers embarking on a cloud solution
  4. Key challenges during cloud migration
  5. Status of cloud migration
  6. Platforms being used
  7. Importance of multicloud
  8. Priority of cloud platforms
  9. Percentage split of production applications
  10. Integration tools being used
  11. Portability between cloud vendors
  12. Locking into single cloud provider
  13. Importance of multicloud to minimise cloud vendor dependency
  14. Differentiate between cloud vendors depending on workload requirements
  15. Exclusive use of cloud migration and development tools of a single service provider
  16. Cloud migration timelines
  17. Applications that are containerised
  18. Application running in the cloud
  19. How application are running in the cloud
  20. Cloud usage
  21. Cybersecurity issues
  22. Migration strategies
  23. Main functional areas using cloud
  24. Business critical areas for cloud adoption
  25. Cloud usage by area
  1. Successful usage of cloud
  2. Order of use case adoption
  3. Type of cloud usage by use case
  4. Readiness to be used in the cloud
  5. Primary blockers for lagging use cases
  6. Key applications already using the cloud
  7. Benefits of using the cloud in business
  8. Key benefits of using the cloud
  9. Data from on-premise to an external cloud provider
  10. Risks and issues associated with migration to the cloud
  11. Specific regulatory issues
  12. Use of open-source software
  13. Cloud productivity tools
  14. Impact of coronavirus
  15. Energy efficiency and sustainability factors
  16. Sufficient budget
  17. Cost savings made
  18. Cost savings not made
  19. Board support
  20. Board level success consensus
  21. Structuring of business
  22. Significantly change the organisation
  23. Blend of skill sets
  24. Engage external consultants