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Operational Resilience White Paper


This survey was conducted to examine trends in operational resilience within financial services organisations.

Operational Resilience looks to understand the complex inter-connected dependencies and potential impact to the real economy. In this respect, Payments, Clearing, Settlement and Custody & Safekeeping are significant areas of interest. Similarly, the continued and indeed accelerated migration to the Cloud and as a result of COVID-19 together with the significant uptick in adoption of Digital services are key considerations.

This next regulatory pillar is fast approaching and will align to other regulatory regimes including the Senior Manager Regime whereby Operational Resilience will become a Board- level accountability, Recovery & Resolution Planning and Regulatory Data Aggregation.

Take a look below at the table of contents, or request a copy at the bottom of the page.

Sponsored by Tori Global

Key areas covered include:

  1. Important business services and impact tolerances
  2. Identification of most important business services
  3. Board approved risk appetite
  4. End-to-end systems and processes mapping
  5. Third party supplier management
  6. Outsourcing and third-party service providers disruption
  7. Disruption issues
  8. Assessment of resilience of third-party service provision
  9. Linkage between risk and crisis management
  10. Resumption of business services plan
  11. Communications plan
  12. Business Model Review
  13. Operational resilience review post Covid-19
  14. Technology and how stable and secure it is
  15. Operational resilience framework
  16. Governance framework
  17. Ownership of operational resilience framework
  1. Allocation of roles and responsibilities
  2. Operational resilience areas
  3. Management information and metrics
  4. Overall strategy
  5. Board approved strategy
  6. Board member accountability
  7. Senior level responsibility if not at board level
  8. Level of awareness
  9. Third-party service providers and scenario tests
  10. Working from home
  11. Self-assessment and lessons learned
  12. Testing of plans
  13. Lessons learnt most
  14. Testing operational resilience scenarios
  15. Refreshing resilience scenarios
  16. Overall level of readiness