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Prime Brokerage White Paper


This summary is based on research conducted between February and March 2021 with 20 banks looking at current trends and priorities for Prime Brokers in the Margin, Collateral and Data areas.

This was a global survey that looked at a wide range of large and small Banks.

Key findings of the research show that efficient risk, compliance, and margin management was seen as critical by 75% of the banks. The research also looked at banks upgrading technology from legacy to digital, as well as how they manage positions, risks, compliance and margins.

Expansion of digital services was also looked at, including upgrading of client portals and internal processes.

Take a look below at the table of contents, or request a copy at the bottom of the page.

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Key areas covered include:

  1. Importance of efficient risk, compliance, and margin management
  2. Optimised view of risk
  3. Improvement of how manage positions, risks, compliance and margins
  4. Offer to clients’ wider product coverage and access to new markets
  5. Upgrade of technology from legacy to digital
  6. Expansion of digital services including client portals
  7. Adoption of as-a-service models
  1. Improvement of internal processes (workflows, models)
  2. Compliance with new regulations and market changes
  3. Cost cutting
  4. Frequency of review of client margins
  5. Answering of client questions
  6. Use of Internal/External systems
  7. Do systems meet current and future needs