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AI Risk Management Use Case Presentation

This presentation covers over 30 use cases in AI in Risk Management. The use cases are all taken from secondary research (publicly available information) so we can name the Financial Institutions.

You can click through on each of the use cases back to the original source material.

The areas in detail covered are:

Credit Risk

  • Accuracy and Speed
  • Aggregation of Data
  • Bad Debt Identification
  • Reduction of Costs and Losses
  • Default Reduction and Forecasting
  • Early warning signs
  • Faster Lending Decisions

Liquidity Risk

  • Cash Positioning
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Syndicated Loans

Market Risk

  • Hedging Strategies
  • Stress and Contagion
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Strategies           
  • Risk Forecasting

Non-Financial Risk

  • Cyber
  • Online Abuse